We combined our dreams
and hopes with experience and
honest labor and produced wonderful steelwork.
Respectfully presented...

41 Years of Experience

Our company, which started its activities in the trading of steel goods in 1981, started production in 1986 taking its place among the leading companies of the sector today. Making a name for ourselves in the glassware sector with our dealer network covering Turkey, suppliers and exports, we use raw materials of European origin made from stainless steel for all our products.

We have a monthly production capacity of one million pieces, always aiming to offer the best and the most beautiful products to customers with our newest designs. We place quality at the center of all our operations, from design to raw material selection, from production to polishing, and from packaging to shipping. Our company, with 41 years of experience and striving for the highest standards of aesthetics and trust, has gained the strength and confidence to offer a 50-year guarantee for its products as part of its commitment to product quality.

We see all our customers, employees and suppliers as partners, pushing forward with our production activities armed with the slogan "High Quality and Affordable Products".

Our aim is to walk into the future, with your trust and support.

It is our duty to maintain this trust, and it is
our honor to serve you.

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